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Tips for planning a perfect Hawaiian-Style Wedding

Tips for planning a perfect Hawaiian style wedding

It’s easy to have a fabulous Hawaiian-style wedding!

Congratulations… you are probably here because you or a loved one has a wedding coming up. This is a magical time, and there’s nothing more magical than a Hawaiian wedding… and you don’t have to be in Hawaii to have a beautiful, romantic Hawaiian-style wedding. Wedding Leis for a Hawaiian style wedding

Hawaiian Leis for your Wedding

Fresh tropical flowers and flower leis are an essential part of the wedding. Thanks to a few high-quality Hawaii-based companies you can order online Hawaiian Wedding Leis and Flowers and other items that you’ll need for your wedding.

Hawaiian-Style Weddings

Read about the different elements of Hawaiian-style weddings. You may want to have a traditional Hawaiian wedding or opt for a more contemporary version. You’ll also find out the Hawaiian way to ensure a rain-free wedding. Follow our simple wedding tips to smooth the way to your fabulous wedding.

Tropical Table Settings

Photos and ideas for dramatic and beautiful Hawaiian-themed table settings.

Hawaiian Wedding Cake with White Orchids

Hawaiian Wedding Cakes

Carry through the Hawaiian theme with a few unique touches to your wedding cake.

Hawaiian Wedding Music

Create the perfect mood by having the right music. Have a look at our Hawaiian music selections, both traditional and contemporary.

Tips for a Hawaiian-Style Wedding on a budget

For almost every Hawaiian wedding-styling idea on our web site, you’ll find a variation for those who need to stay within a tight budget.


Our Latest Idea or Tip:

A celebration in tropical colors

Orchids, ferns and gingers laid on a Hawaiian print make an eye-catching and easy to assemble tablerunner. Start with a 2-tone Hawaiian print fabric, cut 1 foot longer than your tables. Lay a line of Lawae ferns down the center, followed by larger tropical flowers — use ginger, heleconia or hibiscus. We’ve used Kimi ginger…